6 Facts About Senior Isolation That You Should Know

Nobody relishes the prospect of aging alone. A spouse, family member or friend help people laugh at the ridiculous parts of aging and provide support through the difficult times. Unfortunately, many American seniors age this way. As the baby boomer generation crosses the over-65 threshold, it continues to grow. However, many of our aging loved ones are still feeling alone in the crowd.

1. Senior Isolation Increases The Risk Of Mortality.

According to a study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, both social isolation and loneliness are associated with a higher risk of mortality in adults aged 52 and older. One possible explanation: “People who live alone or lack social contacts may be at increased risk of death if acute symptoms develop because there is less of a network of confidantes to prompt medical attention.” Researchers state that efforts to reduce isolation are the key to addressing the issue of mortality.

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