6 Silent Symptoms Of Colon Cancer That Could Be Missed


Almost 140,000 individuals are diagnosed in the United States with colorectal cancer. The most obvious indicator of colon cancer is rectal bleeding; however, there are other signs that might be far from subtle. In the event that any of the signs that are below manifest themselves, consult your health care provider.

Finding Out That You Are Anemic

Being diagnosed with anemia might be the first indicator that the individual has internal bleeding. Regardless of if there are any other manifestations of colon cancer symptoms. This is especially accurate for post-menopausal females. It is not uncommon for individuals to have internal bleeding for as much as six months prior to any signs show up in their stool. If individual experiences any symptoms of anemia, like dizziness, skin pallor, or fatigue, consult a health care provider. The reason being is that these sins could also be indicators of colon cancer as well.

Unable To Catch Breath

One other side effect of slowly bleeding internally is shortness of breath. If the individual is not aggressively bleeding or vomiting blood, the body places additional plasma in the blood without producing extra red blood cells or iron. This stops the individual from losing blood in huge amounts however, decreases the ability of the blood to transport oxygen. This is the reason individuals experience shortness of breath, which is a highly overlooked symptom of colon cancer.

Feeling Crampy & Bloated

Once things begin to become backed up and blocked in the colon, the individual might experience bloating. If the individual is feeling a bit crampy or puffy, there are several other factors that might be at work and are to blame. However, if the symptoms in the stomach keep up, consult your health care provider. In the event that a consistent pain in the right side of the abdomen is felt, this might mean that the disease has reached the latter stages. Plus, there is the possibility that it has already reached the liver.

Suffer From Severe Constipation

A stint of constipation here and there is in all probability nothing much to be concerned about. However, if it becomes persistent and severe, it could be an indicator of colon cancer. This is something that would suggest some form of obstruction. Therefore if it appears to be there constantly, the individual should seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Passing Skinny Stool

Individuals should pay close attention to what lands in the toilet, regardless of if there is blood or not. Doing this could uncover lesser-known symptoms of colon cancer. If the stool shape of the individual is constantly skinny or very narrow when previously it was a bit chunkier. This could indicate that there is a restriction in the colon as a result of polyps. Diarrhea that is persistent might also be a colon cancer symptom.

Stool Is An Unusual Color

The blood which comes from the rectum is normally red. However, tarry, dark stools are also indicative that there are traces of blood in the bowel movement. Even though this could be as a result of something less ominous, such as an ulcer. It could also be a colon cancer symptom.


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