Pointless Chores We Shouldn’t Waste Our Time Doing


Scientists in America have determined that it takes individuals roughly two hours a day to wash dishes, cook, and clean. This time also includes managing other things in and around the house as well. However, individuals can spend this valuable time on more interesting and enjoyable activities. Most people hate it when things seem messy, however, life is too short to spend so much time cleaning. Also, many household chores could be completed less frequently than what we currently do. As a matter of fact, some of them are a complete waste of time.

Cleaning The Seams Between Tiles

Going about the house with a brush to clean the seams or grout between the floor tiles is pointless. Prior to cleaning, the tiles were evenly dirty and appeared to a certain degree, normal. However, what happens after they are cleaned? Many of them will look really clean, while the others will still look dark. Those defects that were hardly noticeable at first will now be very obvious. In addition, individuals would have spent a lot of time cleaning them and will be very tired. Rather, it would be better to apply a sealant to the seams once annually or rub the seams with a candle.

Washing A Cast Iron

Water could result in the cast iron developing rust all over it. Plus, there is no need to use detergent on the surface of the cast-iron either. To stop food particles from attaching themselves to it, these should be used more frequently and covered with oil. Do this rather than washing them each time after use. In the majority of cases, it is sufficient to just remove the food particles with paper.

Then, place some oil on the bottom of the pan and store it away. This is the method our ancestors used, and they were able to maintain the pans for decades. In the event that the pan is extremely dirty, it can be washed, however, remember to dry it thoroughly.

Folding Underwear Carefully

Underwear that is thin is easily damaged, therefore it is better that they are folded carefully. Also, they should be kept separate from other items. However, regular underwear could just be thrown into the underwear drawer to be retrieved later.

Washing The Oven & Stove After Each Use

Fresh stains and spots are easily removed with a damp cloth. It is sufficient to wash the surface with a detergent once every week. However, the grills in the oven can be done once every month. Cleaning agents that are aggressive damage the surface, therefore it is better not to put them on the stove at all. Individuals can wash the oven three to four times annually as the food does not make contact with the surface. Plus, the majority of bacteria is eradicated by the high temperatures. Individuals could also place foil around the inner surface of the oven in order to avoid cleaning the grease off more often.

Polishing Wooden Furniture Frequently

The professionals state that only furniture that has been finished with wax or oil should be continually covered with these compounds. The majority of the time, this is for expensive designer furniture and antique furniture. On every other type of furniture, there are finish coats that are removed when the furniture is cleaned too frequently. This leads to the surface becoming duller and dirtier faster and more often. Polishing agents could be used twice a year. The remainder of the time simply wipes the surface where stains are with a damp cloth rather than cleaning the complete piece.

Washing Curtains Prior To Holidays

On average, individuals wash curtains once every six months, however, not more than that, as many families do. If there are no pets or windows are not opened regularly, the curtains might remain clean for a longer period. Washing curtains too frequently might result in the color starting to fade. This is the reason that individuals could clean their curtains with a vacuum periodically. Another excellent method is to steam clean. This gives the curtains a freshening up easily and quickly.

Ironing Clothes & Bed Sheets Often

Imagine how simpler and easier life would be if individuals purchased items manufactured from materials that did not require ironing. Materials such as lyocell, cashmere, wool, spandex, and denim. There are also materials that are referred to as permanent press. However, if the fabric requires ironing, individuals could still get around doing it. They could hang wet clothes on a hanger or roll dry laundry.

Frequently Washing & Vacuuming The Floors In The Entire House

To maintain a clean house, all individuals need to do is vacuum and mop the floors once a week. They also need to clean some localized dirt immediately. For instance, a stain on the floor could be removed with a cloth rather than cleaning the entire floor. It is futile to vacuum the carpet under a table or mop the floor in an unoccupied room constantly. The dust requires adequate time to actually get on the floor. If some rooms are not used often, you can clean them once or twice a month. However, if the individual has pets and small children, it should be done more regularly.

Cleaning Coffee Makers Very Thoroughly

Professionals believe that coffee remains on the interior of the coffee machine allow the coffee to have a better taste. This is also the opinion of several coffee enthusiasts. This also true for tea, the flavor intensifies. Simply rinse the appliances with water, however, avoid the use of cleaning agents.


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