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Ways To Use Ice You Might Not Know About

Most people know that ice is great for keeping drinks cold and alleviating pain. However, there are many other reasons why you should be incorporating ice into your life. Ice can help you lose weight, improve your complexion, and boost your immune system and so much more! This article will tell you some of the many benefits of ice that you might not know about!

Help To Lose Weight

Ice has been used for years as a tool to help weight loss. This is due to the fact that ice increases your metabolism. Which allows you to burn more calories. In order to lose one pound, you need to have a 3500 calorie deficit. It would be impossible for someone not on an extremely regimented diet and exercise plan to lose that amount of calories in a week.

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However, it is very effective over a longer period of time. If you want to incorporate ice into your weight loss regimen, first find out how many calories you need per day based on your age, height, weight and activity level. Then, simply take those numbers and create a deficit by taking away 500-1000 calories from what the machine tells you as the correct amount.

This should result in weight loss, but take it slowly! Losing too much weight too quickly can cause your skin to sag. So start small and gradually increase the amount of ice that you are drinking each day.

Skin Care

Everyone wants healthy looking skin that is free of acne scars or dark spots. The cold temperature of ice increases blood flow which improves collagen production. It also promotes cell turnover to give you a brighter complexion with not only fewer flaws but also an even tone. This means that any marks will be less noticeable because they’ll blend in better with the rest of your face.

For best results, make sure to use crushed ice since it melts slower than cubes and therefore stays colder for longer periods of time.  This will tighten the skin throughout your entire face. If you are having second thoughts about getting an ice facial, simply use crushed ice in a paper towel soaked with cold water to apply the solution where you want it. The refreshing chill will tighten your pores allowing for smoother skin.

Pain Relief

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their life. Whether it was from an injury or something less significant like sunburn. Cold temperatures decrease nerve conductivity which reduces feelings of pain across the body by limiting inflammation.

For best results, do not directly put ice on an open wound because this could cause damage to the surrounding tissues. It could also create further problems when it comes time for recovery. Always keep in mind that the longer you have been injured, the more it will take to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Immunity Booster

With people who live in their phones and computers constantly, we rarely get the chance to enjoy spending time outside as much as we used to. Unfortunately, this causes many of us to be more susceptible to cold and flu season. Which can shorten our overall lifespan if we do not take proper precautions with healthy habits. Eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep is just the start!

Ice has been proven as an effective way to boost your immune system especially when you drink it regularly. This might seem like a stretch, but there are scientific studies that prove that it works. For example, one study found that drinking ice water enhanced natural killer cell activity by up to 20%. It also increased interferon production by 40% which is the protein responsible for attacking viruses.

Beat The Heat

If you are sick of dealing with sweaty palms and flushed skin try keeping a bowl of ice near the front door so that you can leave anytime you want. Without changing your clothes or taking a shower first. Simply grab some cubes from the bowl before heading back outside again to cool off quickly. It might sound strange, but it actually works!

Ice has been known as an effective way to beat the heat for centuries. Even though our reliance on air conditioning has made us forget about it. However, if you’re ever craving something cool to drink during summer months, try not only eating cubes but also chewing them. This due to their incredible ability to put a stop to dry throats and crack lips. It’s a neat trick that many people don’t know about which is why they should try it ASAP!

Soothe A Cough Or Sore Throat

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, there’s nothing wrong with downing a glass of orange juice to help soothe your throat and speed up the recovery process since it has plenty of vitamin c. You might have also heard that steam can be an effective way to clear up congestion. If you do not have time for a hot shower or simply don’t want to deal with the heat outside, try using crushed ice instead. Simply inhale while taking slow deep breaths until your lungs begin to chill and open up. Which should only take about 5 minutes before coughing again will become less painful .

It’s important to remember that this method has many benefits. Especially when compared with over-the-counter medicines. This is because it relaxes muscles in your throat which allows for easier swallowing, and reduces irritation and inflammation. However, if you’re feeling very sick or concerned it might be a good idea to check with your doctor for more advice and information before acting on this tip.

Relieving Stress And Tension In The Chest

When you are having an anxiety attack or feeling stressed out, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Unfortunately, the more you think about every little unnecessary detail of your life, the worse you feel. Which is why it’s essential to find some way to de-stress. That doesn’t rely on medication like aspirin or ibuprofen which could worsen problems in time.

Thankfully, there’s nothing better than ice cubes when relieving stress because they act as a natural muscle relaxer. Of course, make sure not to chew on them unless they are thoroughly crushed first since swallowing large pieces can cause choking.

Another added benefit of using cold water for this purpose is that it has a natural calming effect on the nervous system. Which reduces levels of tension in your body. Simply fill a bowl with cold water and add some ice cubes before sitting down to relax for about 5 minutes. It should feel like you’re chilling all over, even though only your chest area is affected by this method.

It’s important to remember that everyone needs time to relax and de-stress. Especially if you’re having issues at home or work because stress can lead to serious problems such as anxiety and depression if not treated properly which is why you should keep plenty of ice around during times when you need it most!


The more ice we use in our daily lives, the healthier and happier we will be! From relief from heat and pain to decreasing stress and tension in your body. Ice is truly a miracle of nature that we often take for granted. If you don’t have any at home or forgot to grab some on your way out the door, it’s best not to worry.  There are many other ways to get by without it such as carrying frozen gel packs with you wherever you go.

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