Outdated Home Trends We Wish To Never See Again


Regardless of whether it is furniture or hair, everyone has made trendy choices which they have all regretted later in life. From tile countertops to wood paneling and floral couches, that have been draped in lace. There have all been household trends for the past few decades that when looked back on, would make individuals cringe. Take a look at some of these outdated trends that might have been a part of your home décor.

Tile Countertops

These were all the rage during the 1970s. However, if individuals want to keep their space looking modern and current, this trend is best left in the past. Also, it becomes a challenge as it relates to cleaning, therefore in order to avoid being stressed, choose the granite or marble finishes.

Shag Carpet

Everyone knows that shag carpets feel exceptional under your feet. However, they sort of miss the mark as it relates to making space appear stylish. For a more current or modern aesthetic, stick with the low pile carpets.

Wood Paneling

This would have been all the buzz back in the seventies, however, stay clear of wood paneling at all costs. It usually makes space seem dated and dreary. Plus, no one should have to settle for such an environment.

Linoleum Flooring

Regardless if it is used in the dining area or in the kitchen, this type of flooring is no longer acceptable. Anyone with linoleum flooring should do themselves a huge favor and upgrade. They should use a practical material such as tile or wood.


Once individuals do not want their home to have a look as if it was an office building, they should avoid using terrazzo. This material was a very popular choice of design between 1930 and 1970 in the United States. However, present-day designers have a tendency to lean towards materials such as marble and granite.

Tiffany Lamps

This is somewhat of a challenging one, however, in the majority of situations, the best option is to stay clear of this famous lighting fixture. A Tiffany lamp gives a room a dated feel. Plus, there are a plethora of other lighting styles that are available on the market. These styles could easily provide a touch of class to any room.

Wood Art

There is definitely no shortage of wood art available at home décor stores. However, that does not mean it is the best choice for your home décor. Instead of settling for a generic piece of wood art. Spend the time seeking out more unique items that speak directly to your personality or to the aesthetics of your home.


Once the individual has gone past the age of eighteen years old, there is absolutely no reason for your home to be outfitted with a futon. Avoid this dorm room look and select a more traditional sofa-style furniture. Such as a loveseat.

Fast Furniture

Almost everyone has heard of fast fashion, this refers to clothing that has been factory-made. But it is much less expensive than what is presently on the runway. The equivalent to this in-home décor is referred to as fast furniture. It is an inexpensive design which individuals purchase with the understanding that it will be trashed in a few seasons. Or maybe the next time you relocate.

These are easy to assemble designs that took off in the 1980s and have been continually on the rise ever since. Even though it could be an excellent option for saving money. There is a plausible reason that repurposing and antiquing old furniture has been gaining momentum. Reusing and recycling existing furniture permits the individual to decrease waste and collect pieces that are unique and have their own story as well.

Nautical Motifs

Seashells, sailor’s rope, and anchors belong on the beach. Really, they do, and not in your living room décor. Regardless of if it is a home next to the ocean, throw out the tacky nautical décor. Beachy vibes can be achieved without it being so obvious. Select a color template inspired by the gorgeous surroundings, or individuals could include elements such as driftwood and coral in their décor.

Tufted Headboards

This type of furniture is decades old, however, it no longer has the flair and glamor that it once had. Presently, it just appears a bit stuffy. Plus, if you require a headboard that gives a statement, then commit to something that makes an actual statement.

Mason Jar Mania

Albeit this might still be a thing. Since the 1990s, mason jars have been proclaimed as the solution to many home needs. From soap dispensers, salad containers to candle holders, and the list can go on. Presently, however, there is a revival for artisan products such as hand-crafted vases. This means that the mason jars could be returned to the initial job of canning preserves.


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