Solutions From Experts For Face Mask Irritation Of The Eyes


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC suggests masks to assist in the spread of COVID-19. However, it is quite simple to make mistakes regarding mask wearing. Such as keeping your face covering too loose or exposing the nose, especially if the individual might suffer from skin irritation, breathing problems, or other complicating issues.

Currently, eye doctors are assisting individuals to recover from various problems with the eyes which derive from mask-wearing mistakes. In the initial phase of wearing masks, many persons complained about foggy glasses while wearing their masks. This is a frustrating issue that could become harmful in specific circumstances such as treating patients or during the operating of machinery.

However, eye doctors are realizing a rise in other issues, such as styles derived from clogged tear ducts, allergy-like irritation from detergents on the masks, corneal damage including scratches and abrasions, dry eye, and bacterial eyelid infections. Eye experts have some tips in resolving these irritations, and potentially more dangerous and serious, concerns of the eye.

Have A Better Seal

The cause of hot air being a bother to the eyes is that the masks do not fit properly on the bridge of the nose. Several individuals create gaps purposely by bending the wire allowing air to pass through; however, that hot air has to escape somewhere, namely, in the direction of the eyes. A mask that is fitting improperly is considered of the chief reasons for mask-associated eye issues.

The exhaled air for the mouth finds its way over the surface of the eye when a mask is not sitting properly on the face, thus resulting in an amplified chance of foggy lenses and dry eyes that are connected to mask-wearing. According to experts follow these steps in order to direct the airflow downward: In the event that the individual is wearing glasses, use the fogginess of the glasses as a measuring stick of how well the seal has been made, there should no fogging when the seal is made properly.

Increase the seal even further with a strip of tape going across the mask and then unto the cheeks and the nose in order to strengthen the seal. This should be paper tape so that the chance of skin irritation is minimized. Utilize the mask’s adjustable wire to mold the frame of the mask to the face thereby creating a tight seal around the nose bridge.

Make Sure There Is A Proper Fabric And Fit

The mask should at no time come into contact with your eyes. Even in the event of working out, the masks should always remain in place. Mask-associated irritation and cornea scratches could be originating from taking the mask off and putting it back on continuously, in particular the masks that are made of the harder cloth materials. There are some individuals that develop mini scratches from the surgical masks.

It is vital that individuals select a fabric that cannot scratch the eyes if the mask needs to be removed in a hurry or put on with haste. For Do-it-yourself masks, the double layer cotton fabrics are considered the best option. In the event that the fabric is rough or stuff, wash it a couple of times in order to assist in softening it.

Give The Eyes A Pick Me Up

Irritation, dry eye, and styes could be treated with specific over-the-counter options. The eye experts suggest, anti-fogging spray, applied several times a day for those individuals that wear glasses, a warm compress that is placed over the eyes in order to stop styles, lid scrubs in order to assist in the relieving of eye irritation, and lubricating drops to supplement the natural fluid in the eyes. As a result of COVID-19, there are newer coatings that have arrived on the market, and it is a coating that the laboratories would place on the outer surface of the glasses, plus it could be left alone once it has been applied.

Lubricating drops, specifically, are the most accepted as a remedy for various problems. In order to lessen the mask related dry eyes, it is advised, in addition to having a mask that fits properly, that individuals use artificial tears, as these tears moisturize the eyes in a manner that is comparable to natural tears so providing a reprieve from symptoms of dry eyes like blurry vision, redness and grittiness.

Consider Vision Correction Surgery To Replace Glasses

In the event that persons have been considering vision correction surgery, wearing masks and glasses simultaneously may urge the individual in making up their mind as it relates to this. There has been a reported twenty-five percent increase in LASIK requests from the onset of the pandemic, this is partly due to the fogging up of glasses and partly due to individuals who had been saving up to travel and then could not, so they have extra cash that they can use. There are also reports of wearers of contact lenses thinking about going through with LASIK surgery, as it has the potential to reduce the chance of infection connected to the wearing of contact lenses.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes And Face

Having to alter the fit of the mask is one thing. However, touching your eyes such as when they feel irritable due to the hot air escaping from in the mask is considered the worst thing a person could do. Not just because of the coronavirus but it is also very bad for the health of the eyes. In April 2020 a study was conducted which analyzed the utilization of face masks in a pandemic.

Scientists discovered that wearing face masks channels the exhaled air into the eyes. This then results in an itchy feeling and activates the desire to touch one’s eyes. In the event that the hands have been contaminated, the individual would have just infected themselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are always circulating the message that persons can infect themselves with the virus by transferring it from their hands to their mouth, nose, or eyes.


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