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Top Things That Grandparents Should Never Do


So, you’re a grandparent. Congratulations! As you enter this new and exciting stage of life, you want to make sure that you do everything right. Being a grandparent is a beautiful experience, but there are some things you should never do if you’re going to maintain a good relationship with your grandchildren. If you want to know what to avoid, here are some things that grandparents should never do.

Don’t Try To Be The Perfect Grandparent

Nothing is more annoying than grandparents who think they know everything about parenting simply because they are grandparents. You might be an expert when raising your kids, but your grandkids are a different story. You don’t have to be a perfect grandparent to be a good one; you just have to play the role the best you can. All parents have to figure things out as they go along, and so do you.

Don’t Make Demands On Your Grandkids

If you want to have a good relationship with your grandchildren, avoid making demands on them because they aren’t required to follow what you say. Many grandparents like to give their grandkids chores, but this can create an unhealthy dynamic because it makes them feel obligated to help their grandparents.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving your grandchildren responsibilities or tasks. Try asking them respectfully and make sure that they understand why these responsibilities exist (e.g., cleaning up before leaving a play date), but avoid making demands of your grandkids. Demands can damage the relationship you have with them.

Don’t Bribe Your Grandkids To Spend Time With You

Many grandparents feel insecure about their relationship with their grandchildren, so they bribe them to spend time with them. This is understandable, but it more often than not creates a negative dynamic because it makes the grandchild feel like they have to spend time with you. The grandparent feels like they can’t spend time with their grandchildren without giving something in return. Your children need to see that you can enjoy spending time with your grandchildren without needing anything in return.

Don’t Hold A Grudge Against Your Child

Always make sure not to hold any type of grudge against their parents. Even if your children didn’t treat you well when they were younger, it is crucial for them that your grandchildren see that there are no hard feelings between you and their parents. If you want to avoid having problems in your family, remember that holding onto anger will only serve to ruin everyone’s lives and create more tension where there doesn’t need to be any. The goal is for everyone in the family to get along peacefully, so try not to hold any type of grudge or resentment because this can seriously damage how well everyone gets along.

Don’t Think Of Your Grandkids As A Replacement Child

Like any other relationship, it is vital for everyone involved to treat each other respectfully, so try not to act like you are better than your children or that your children don’t deserve respect. If you want peace in the, remember that treating everyone in the family with respect will help to keep everyone happy.

Don’t Favor One Child Over Another

Grandparents and parents should never play favorites. You should treat all of your grandchildren fairly and avoid ranking them against each other. This creates many problems because it can cause tension between children and damage their relationships with you. Just like you wouldn’t want your kids to play favorites, the same goes for your grandchildren too. It’s essential that everyone feels loved and appreciated, which means treating everyone the same.


These are some things that grandparents should never do if they want to maintain good relationships with their grandchildren. Remember to treat your grandchildren with love, respect, and appreciation because they will most likely return the same feelings toward you if you do. Peace in the family is vital for everyone, so remember always to keep the family dynamic in mind when you are with your grandchildren.


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